A Lange and Sohne Watches: History and Styles

A Lange and Sohne Watches: History and Styles

Buying the best of the best when it comes to a luxury watch is important. There are a lot of top companies out there to consider, but few are really ranked as the best of the best. A Lange and Sohne watches, however, are considered to be some of the finest watches in the world and there’s plenty of reasons behind it.

When people shop for a luxury watch, they often think straight to Swiss companies. But A Lange and Sohne watches are some of the finest watches to be found and the company comes straight from Germany. Founded in 1845, the company was known for producing some of the finest pocket watches of the time. Interestingly enough, in 1948 the Soviet administration took the property of the company, and for a time the name and brand didn’t exist.

In 1990 the founder’s great grandson revitalized the company and in 1994 produced and sold their first line of wrist watches. From there, it has become one of the most recognizable and valued brands in the world of the luxury watch.

The A Lange watches of today still have a style reminiscent of their original pocket watches.The faces and style of hands and numbers look very much as a pocket watch’s would. Simple yet bold, they have a very classic design about them. Colors tend to stay very neutral, in brown, black, gold, and silver.

Cases are made with gold or platinum in most cases, which is what attributes to their high price points. These materials make the cases some of the sturdiest you can find in a luxury watch. All of their watches contain mechanical movements, rather than quartz of most others. The movements are made of a nickel and copper alloy instead of the usual plated brass, so they have a sheen to them that is easily distinguishable. Someone knowledgeable about their watches can tell right away if you are wearing an a Lange watch.

The company is also known for producing limited edition models, like their most recent release of a platinum version of their Richard Lange model that will only have 100 reproductions. The regular version of the model has a rose gold case instead.

A Lange watches are the best of the best. They are the kind of watches that you invest in to have for your lifetime and pass on to your child. Their top of the line parts, beautiful materials and classic designs are what have kept them at the top of watch companies.

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