Names For Rabbits – Coolest BBFF (Best Bunny Friends Forever) Names For Rabbits

Names For Rabbits – Coolest BBFF (Best Bunny Friends Forever) Names For Rabbits

Your BFF is the most important person in the world right? Well, if you’re a bun she’s even more important. Rabbits LOVE to hang out together – where do you think the term ‘social bunny’ comes from? So, if you’re lucky enough to have two girl bunnies you’ll want to pick some great names for them. Here’s our list of the coolest BBFF names for rabbits.

Let’s start with some famous ones:

Paris & Nicole, Courtney & Jen, Diana & Fergie, Victoria & Katie, Oprah & Gayle, Gwyneth & Madonna, Liv & Kate (Liv Taylor and Kate Hudson), Mary-Kate & Ashley, Kourtney & Khloe, Jen & Jess (Jennifer Garner and Jessica Biel)

For nature bunnies:

Sunshine & Raindrop, Lily & Rose, Poppy & Pansy, Willow & Ivy, Flower & Leaf, Apple & Peaches, Jasmine & Clover, Rosemary & Saffron, Lilac & Violet, Sweet-Pea & Tiger Lily, Zen & Zinnia, Vanilla & Sugar Bean, Rhubarb & Custard, Orange & Tangerine, Opal & Topaz, Moonstone & Diamond, Cosmos & Marigold

Too cute to resist:

Boots & Buttons, Crumbles & Cookie, Caramel & Cream, Cinnamon & Nutmeg, Laa Laa & Po (The babies of the Teletubbies), Cotton & Cloud, Bumble & Blossom, Snuffles & Snuggles, Toffee & Pudding, Smudge & Pixie, Piper & Pippin, Little Bun & Honey Bun, Snuggles & Smooch

For the old fashioned BBFF:

Mavis & Daisy, Ethel & Ester, Florence & Mabel, Hazel & Harriet, Dorothy & Pearl, Agatha & Ava, Verity & Violet, Norma & Nora, Maggie & May, Beth & Bessie, Ellie & Grace

Shopaholic BBFFs:

Coco & Chanel, Dolce & Gabanna, Gucci & Versace, Manolo & Choo, Pepe & Prada, Chloe & Fendi, Balenciaga & Burberry (Bal and Bur for short!)

From the movies:

Thelma & Louise, Alice & Esme (Twilight), Buffy & Faith (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Trinity & Niobe (The Matrix), Lucy & Ethel (I Love Lucy), Cagney & Lacey, Sabrina, Jill & Kelly (Charlie’s Angels), Minnie & Daisy (Mickey Mouse), Betty & Veronica, Maggie & Marge (The Simpsons), Aurora & Aurielle (Disney Princesses), Lana & Chloe (The New Superman)

Hopefully you’ve found the perfect names in this list, or that it has inspired you to get creative and think up some more wonderful names for rabbits for your own BBFF girls!

Source by Abbey Mitchell

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