Unpredictable Climate In Melbourne

Unpredictable Climate In Melbourne

Melbourne has a moderate oceanic climate. Some residents comment that one cannot be totally prepared for the weather. The weather conditions change unpredictably. The phrase “four seasons in one day” makes sense when one is living in Melbourne.

This unique climate is due to the city’s flat topography, its location on Port Phillip Bay, and the Dandenong Ranges to the east. This combination of factors creates weather systems that more often than not surprises the people of Melbourne with its unpredictability.

Melbourne’s lowest maximum on record is 4.4 degrees Celsius. It is seldom that snow falls. What Melbourne experiences more frequently is frosts and fog in winter.

Springtime is a time of delight when Melbourne enjoys extended periods of mild weather and clear skies. Summers are likely to be hot and dry and max temperatures have reached 40 degrees Celsius and above.

It has been very hot in Melbourne the past few days. I just didn’t feel like going sightseeing. I went window shopping instead. It has nothing to do with shopping but the air-conditioning. I look around and see many of my fellow shoppers have the same thought.

I really hesitated to leave my comfortable hotel but my friend had invited me to his place. I had known him for years. And guess what! When I arrived at his house there was an air-conditioner installer. He had finally given in and purchased an air-conditioner.

I could hardly believe about a week ago there was a heavy downpour of rain. It poured and poured and there were flash floods in some areas and traffic chaos all across Melbourne. What a city of contrasts.

Well, that is Melbourne. A city of contrasts.

Source by Maria Lim

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