Wow Willy Penis Enlarger

Wow Willy Penis Enlarger

Male health products have always been viewed with a high degree of skepticism and a low degree of acceptance into the mainstream. It is highly unlikely that you will see the delicate subject of penis enlargement discussed before the watershed on television nor in glossy magazines aside from those of a certain nature.

An even more unlikely occurrence is the availability in high street stores apart from those specifically geared towards adult products.  

All this appears to be changing. Selfridges, a large department store in London, will be the first to stock a traction device aimed at increasing penis size.  

The Wow Willy is the brand name of the medically approved and clinically trialled Andro Penis extender from Andro Medical. Husband and wife run Harley Fit have patented the Wow Willy brand and will be the first company to stock a penis enlargement traction device in a store that has a family oriented customer base.

This is major breakthrough for the penis enlargement industry.  

In an industry diluted with highly suspicious products with less than credible credentials the Wow Willy has science and clinical evidence on its side. The Andro Penis, to which the Wow Willy is a branded version carries the CE mark of approval for safety and is classed as a medical device type 1.  

It is the penis enlargement pills, patches and oils and herbal based ingestible products that throw the serious and more importantly, effective method s of penis enlargements into doubt.  

Penis traction is thought to be the number one most effective method to enlarge a penis outside of surgery. Penis surgery potentially offers a quicker reward but also is very expensive and can also lead to permanent damage or disfigurement on what is mans most valuable bodily asset.

50% of penile cosmetic surgical procedures are successful, but it is the other 50% where the concern lies.  

Wow Willy’s newly appointed sales manager Jojo Kovacs recently described his unique marketing approach in an interview conducted by Metro London, a popular newspaper with the city’s commuters. “I will just walk up to a gentlemen in the vicinity and ask him … do you have a small penis” This tactic is sure to be met with high degree of approval from casual male shoppers.

This does though rather beg question, is the subject of penis enlargement better off left in the anonymity of the internet. Certain products are subject to the embarrassment factor – penis enlargement is certainly one of those. The Wow Willy will go on sale later in 2009. Read the Wow Willy review.

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