Easy Guide to Baby Swaddling

Easy Guide to Baby Swaddling

You’ve arrived home with your newborn and it is your turn to do everything. Panic takes over for a second. In hospital, baby was brought to you all nicely wrapped up.

  • But what now?
  • How does one recreate that nifty wrapping up technique at home?
  • How tight is tight?
  • Why does baby squirm?
  • Are they not comfortable?

Relax, take a deep breath and in a short while you’ll know all the answers.

Baby swaddling is a very easy technique. When you’ve done it a mere one time you’ll know forever after how to. If baby appears to be wriggling much and you assume they are not comfortable, rest assured that it’s most probably the same wriggling that was happening inside the womb. Swaddling should only be practiced up to one month as it could inhibit motor development. Avoid swaddling over too many layers of clothing or in extreme heat conditions.

Right, so now that we know what baby swaddling is and why it is beneficial for both baby and parents, let’s get down to the how to.

Step 1:

Take a receiving blanket and lay it on a flat surface, bed or floor; positioned in a diamond shape

Step 2:

Pull the top corner of the blanket down about a hands length (approximately 20cm) so that it lays flat on top of rest of blanket. Now the top of the blanket should be a straight line

Step 3:

Place the baby on the blanket with his/her shoulders about a fingers length (approximately 8cm) above the straight edge

Step 4:

Gently bring the baby’s arms down and grab the corner of the blanket appearing on your right side

Step 5:

Pull that piece of blanket across the baby’s body tucking under the baby’s side appearing on your left

Step 6:

Pull the bottom section of the blanket up and over baby’s body, careful not to extend it over shoulders, rather folding down again if too large

Step 7:

Pull the corner of the blanket appearing on your left, across the baby’s body towards their side appearing on your right and tuck under their back

There you have it, nice and easy. Baby will now be cosy.

Source by Chris Meistre

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