Hong Kong Population Reaches the 7 Million Mark

Hong Kong Population Reaches the 7 Million Mark

Dense Just got Denser!!

The latest demographics show that Hong Kong’s population has hit the 7-million- bandwidth. The figures in the year of 2007 were 6.96 million. The population of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HK SAR) has officially been recorded as 7,008,900 at the end of the year 2008. These statistics were released on 16th of February 2009. And let me tell you what- 7 million figure is quiet an achievement.

There has been a growth of 0.8% growth since the last year. The increase has been resulted due to the indigenous accretion of 37,400 and a net movement of 18,700 residents from the mainland China. Net movement is a factor that is measured as Number of people moving in minus Number of people moving out.

It is not the higher fertility rates that have contributed to the 7 million figure because Hong Kong is among the places which has bears lowest fertility rates. There is less than one child per woman who has attained the child bearing age says statistics.

Although this is a remarkable control when compared to the previous years which would mean people will have to worry less about moving out because Hong Kong still has something in it for every single one of its inhabitants.

Hitting the round figures never goes unnoticed in the history and the transformation from the almost 7 million to 7 million is surely no exception for the Hong Kong demographic history. Hong Kong in known for being one of the densest cities in the world and this landmark is just the beginning!

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