How to Wear Jewelry

How to Wear Jewelry

How long do you take to get ready for work? For a night out with the girls? For a first date? I suppose, if you are like most women, you take at least half an hour just to decide what to wear. Then you have to shower, do your hair, nails and make-up and decide on the shoes. A couple of hours later, you admire the result in the mirror and your brow furrows in puzzlement; all that work and yet something is missing. Ah! The bling! You have forgotten to put on your favourite jewelry. How long do you take to decide what jewelry to wear? It is amazing how many women will take the first thing they lay their hands on or simply the necklace and bracelet they wear every day. Even after spending hours assembling the perfect outfit. There is fashion in jewelry just like in clothes.

If you look through the times you will see that in some years the chunky colourful stuff is in vogue and at other times the simple diamond studs are all you need. jewelry is as personal as is your wardrobe. It is a statement about who you are. It may also be a statement about your financial status. If you are wearing a Chanel suit, you would hardly think to wear a $15 necklace with it. You would find an elegant gold or diamond necklace in a simple, classic design. Some pieces of jewelry, although not very expensive, are timeless and versatile and may be used with almost anything. A string of pearls, for example, can be used with almost anything. They look great under an open, white shirt or a low-cut cashmere cardigan. A gold necklace with a diamond pendant will complement any black top or dress, even a cocktail dress or ball gown. Back in the 70es, chokers were high fashion. Black velvet with a silver or gold pendant at the front. You need a long, skinny neck to get away with wearing a choker.

Be aware though, that chokers are considered attentions-getters, so if you are trying to keep a low profile, avoid the choker. The rule used to say that if you select a metal and stick with it. So if you are wearing silver ear rings, you wear silver necklace and bracelet as well. This does not seem to be the case anymore and especially with the advent of Pandora bracelets, people seem to mix and match silver, yellow gold and white gold with abandon. In summary, the rules are really quite simple these days; select jewelry that complement what you are wearing in style and class. Give your jewelry the same attention you give to the rest of your outfit and make sure that whatever you wear, clothes and/or jewelry that you are comfortable with the result. And remember that people will judge you on your jewelry as much if not more than they do on your clothes.

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