Montblanc Boheme Review

Montblanc Boheme Review

Montblanc is one of the most superior brands of fountain pen on the market today, and the line delivers well-crafted pieces that are stylish and last for a good long while. These pens come in a number of different varieties, and it can be helpful to know a bit before hand about the sort you are considering buying. The Mont Blanc Boheme is an excellent option, with its own set of pros and cons that you should be aware of. These details are straightforward and should help you in making your final decision on whether or not to splurge.

Appearance and Design

Like most Montblanc pens, the Boheme is made of Montblancs precious resin. Together with the blue gem in the clip, this pen is an eye catcher. Its shape and its balanced proportions, as well as the intricate mechanism at the bottom of the barrel contribute to the pens attrative design.

Weight and Dimensions

With a length of 5 1/4 in (13.5cm) capped with the nib fully exposed, the Montblanc Boheme is a small pen which allows you to store this pen anywhere you like, including a purse or shirt pocket. The girth is 1 1/2 in (4cm) at its widest, making the pen rather easy to grip and write with. It is very frustrating to sit down to get some work done, and you pull out a pen that is awkward and difficult to hold in your fist. Often, we end up just throwing the pen back in the drawer and scrounging around for something else to write with. With this model you get a pen that has a girth nice enough to rest comfortably in your hand, perfect for those long writing projects or meetings.

Due to its lightweight and you can use this all day long without tiring your hand. In addition, the pen is very nice balanced and designed to be used capped, which takes the weight off your fingers.

The Nib

The 14K platinum-plated retractable nib is definitely the key feature of this pen! Like most Montblanc pens, it wrists very smoothly. The nib is always a fast starter with a nice wet line without skipping. It might not be really flexi but you never loose the feeling of the texture of the paper.

Filling System

Fountain pens of course need an ink source, and this is another area where the Boheme stands apart. The Boheme, like many Montblanc pens, uses ink cartridges that are inserted inside the body of the pen. Unlike most Montblancs, though, this pen can use standard cartridges. That means you do not have to go out and buy all sorts of custom cartridges. Also, if you already own other varieties of Montblancs, you can interchange and mix up the cartridges as you see fit. On the negative side the pen only accepts cartridges. There is no option to use a converter due to the short length of the pen.


One of the arguably biggest drawbacks of this pen, like other Montblancs, is the price. These certainly are not budget items, and the Boheme can cost hundreds of dollars, with the price fluctuating depending on when and where you buy it. If you are looking for a more cash conscious option, you will be better off looking elsewhere for your needs. Some people can not fathom spending this much for a pen, while others think the money is worth it for the high quality product you get in return. You just have to decide what group you fall into.

Bottom Line

The Montblanc Boheme is a high quality pen and a perfect everyday companion due to its length and lightweight. In short, a beautiful addition to any Mont Blanc collection.

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