No. 8 Dior Yellow Samourai 1947 Armor Bag

No. 8 Dior Yellow Samourai 1947 Armor Bag

As a matter of fact, this Dior Yellow Samourai 1947 Armor Bag is released among the limited edition collection of bags inspired by Japanese element, in order to celebrate the design house’s 60th anniversary as well as the 10th anniversary of John Galliano joining Christian Dior.

This Armor bag in yellow polished leather features leather knots details all over. As a reflection of the creative spirit of John and the soul of Dior, the bag offer a couture mix of Japanese tradition and the elegance of the 1940s, therefore this bag is considered as art of bag by countless bag aficionados at the very moment when it was released.

As you have already noticed, this bag is actually inspired by traditional medieval Samurai armors. The bag features altogether 198 individual scales woven together with hand-aged calf-skin leather strips. Being blade cut and perforated as the bag is, it was inspired from the traditional Japanese weaving technique. Its tortoise shell finished frame gives the bag a wild tension. A Christian Dior embossed medallion is attached on a handle knot. The bag measures 32cm in length, 22cm in height and 13cm in width. As I see it, it doesn’t matter how big its capacity is, for I believe that no one would take it as a functional bag. It is much more suitable for collection and investing. Recently I heard a lot about counterfeit of designer handbags. But as long as your bag is unique and extremely exquisite, no one can imitate your creation, just like this Dior Amor bag.

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