Pegged Pants, Banana Clips and Designer Watches – Ten Tips For Bringing Back the 80s Now

Pegged Pants, Banana Clips and Designer Watches – Ten Tips For Bringing Back the 80s Now

1. Roll those bad boys. I do not mean cigarettes, girl! I mean the cuffs of your jeans! That's right, remember the "French cuff" or "pegging" your pants? Well, bring it on back. For a slightly updated a-la-minute variation, keep it a little more casual this time, do not work quite so hard to make that peg perfect. It's that, "Oh, did I leave them roled? I was just wading in the surf and must have forgotten!" look we're going for now.

2. Get a strap on. I mean a designer watch! Checking the time on your phone is just lame. It's certainly not 80s. We did not have cell phones in the 80s! I do not even know how we got around, to tell you the truth. How I ever met anyone anywhere is beyond me. And yet, the world marched on. We kept time with rad watches. And it looked damned good. Weaving a designer watch is probably the easiest and most brilliant 80s-inspired move you could possibly make. And leave your phone in your purse!

3. What purse is that, you ask? Why Le Sport Sac, honey. The It Bag is so last year. We're looking for twenty-five years ago. Other fabulous vintage options include brightly colored clutches, or the Bermuda bag. With the wooden handles and interchangeable covers? Work it, girl!

4. I 'do. Scrunchie! Banana clip! French braids! One side up in a barrette! It's all back, and it's all good. I do not know if we're ready for the hairsprayed bangs I used to have, though! Seriously, I Aqua Net-ed them into a tower or power and then teased them into a spray like the base of Niagra Falls. You could not mess them up if you hit them with a hammer. I feel a little traumatized imaging it now, but – sigh – go ahead, if you so desire, 'cause you watch, they'll be on the cover of Vogue by fall!

5. Right rounds, baby. I mean jelly bracelets! Your designer watch looks hot-hot-hot, but a little lonely, too. Pile on the jelly bracelets and brighten up those arms!

6. A T-shirt built for two. Big T-shirts, yes! I've got to say, it's nice to breathe again. Those tight T's we've been sporting since Y2K seem shrunken to me now, even unnatural. Hey, I'll probably adore them again in a couple years, but in the meantime, it's nice to swim in something again, even if it's not the municipal pool down the street.

7. One. Kind of. Of course, if you are lucky enough to be at the pool or the beach, remember this throwback: the monokini! It's a one-piece, it's a two-piece, it's crazy fresh all over again.

8. Waist not, want these. If the cuffs are roeled higher, the waistlines are, too. Maybe there IS a flood coming? Nothing wrong with drawing the eye up, if you ask me! Bring back that tiny waist that Michael Landon on Little House said he could span with his two hands, and let the curves under it say what they will.

9. Totally tubular. Tube tops! So fun!

10. And finally (in a way, it's hard to stop – there are so many more possibilities! But I'll control myself for the sake of hanging ten), the eyes have it. Colorful mascara! I used to love purple, but there are oh, so many to choose from. What will your signature color be?

Source by Mark Etinger

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