The Art Of Weight Loss

The Art Of Weight Loss

What if there were a magic button?

And if you pushed it you would loss weight.

One of my clients came up to me just this afternoon so excited,” Ken it is a miracle! I am so energized and my weight is steadily going down.” Did I put this client on a super-drug? No, she simply started taking a natural iodine supplement that increase her Thyroid and increased her energy and metabolism. Ladies and gentlemen I have been in the elite world of the weight loss with clients like Cindy Crawford and Diane Lane and can tell you there are things that you must do to loss weight. You need a trainer that really knows what they are talking about and begin to do simple things that are really effective. I work with my clients to – Easily end cravings- eat more and speed up the metabolism- Reset your weight Thermostat and other effective steps that work. Weight loss truly is an art but once you know the art it begins to be fun to easily loss weight and gain lean muscle. The old method of pushing your body harder at the gym and eating less, simply does not work. An interesting study was published about a group of college women that were an average of 25 pounds overweight.

Half the group was kept on their same routine while the other half was on a new routine of going on the treadmill 45 minutes 5 times per week. The second group lost more weight right? Wrong they gained and average of 6.5% more than their counterparts who did nothing! You would never read about this in a 24 Hour Fitness magazine. Yes scratch your head and wonder why. And now begin to understand that weight loss is easier than you were taught, although you have understand a deeper level to understand the workings of your body weight. If you are willing to look deeper you will begin to see that Emotions are the real shaper of your body.

Emotions? Yes in the past many thought that they were just there to make you feel good or bad, but once you tap into working with the emotions in a Step-by-step method you will begin to see that you are the one who is really in control of your weight. When you have control your workouts, well they work. When you work the Art Of Weight Loss you no longer are subject to the lower brain that is continuously sending a signal to the body, ” We will survive the next famine if we carry and extra 25 pounds.” You can easily rest this programming and instead be saying,” We are the safest and most effective when I am at my ideal weight.” Oh what an amazing journey into creating your world and you will have a body that reflect the real sexy vibrant you. So find a trainer that knows The Art Of Weight Loss and you will finally be on the road to gaining control over your weight.

Source by Ken Currington

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