The Golden Baby Pram

The Golden Baby Pram

Every parent goes out of his/her way when a new baby is expected into the family. But for some, this new arrival means more expenditure than for others.

The baby pram that was being displayed at Harrods and that had the staggering price tag of 6.000 pounds was sold in only two months of appearance. The pram is designed with a sound system and satin interior and is said to be the ultimate fashion for babies. Every panel, as well as the wheels and spokes are covered in 24 karat gold worth about 4.000 pounds. The leather hood has soft ermine fur and a blue stain lining. The base of the pram has a clockwork music with soothing sounds for babies.

The amazing pram is a Silver Cross and it was designed by Graham Richardson and Alison Murfet. The designers have a pram-restoring business in the UK. This type of pram dates back to 1877 and many generations of important people have been strolled in them. The brand was made the number one supplier of baby carriages for Royalty in 1920s. Prince Charles also had a Sliver Cross pram but his was not made out of gold.

The process through which the making of the pram started, began with a trip at a gold plating specialist that covered all the panels in gold. It took him two weeks to do this. The designers are willing to make another one if there is someone interested. They even say that they will encrust diamonds on the wheels for the next one.

A representative of Harrods stated that they are not sure if the pram was bought for a baby or for someone who collects exquisite and expensive prams. Harrods is fortunate that they have such a diverse range of customers that can afford to buy such unique items. Investing in a golden pram can be a good thing but investing in gold can be even better. This precious metal has proved to be a safe and profitable investment and if you are looking to purchase, then this is the right time to do it.

Source by Jack Wogan

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