The Off Road Driving Trail To The Hooknose Ridge

The Off Road Driving Trail To The Hooknose Ridge

The easy trail which mostly passes on gravel and mountain roads only takes 45 minutes over the 16.3-mile stretch which excludes the trip to the Gardner Cave and the hike to the international border. The side trip is a hike that will just take a quarter of a mile. The trail is situated in the Selkirk Mountains which is south of the Canadian border in the far northeaster end of Washington. This is situated at the Colville National Forest within the Stevens and Pend Oreille counties.

Expect to pass through wooded forest where ridges and canyons are located. The eastern portion also affords a tour to the underground cave of the Gardner Cave and also the Crawford State Park. There is also a side trip to a quick forest hike from the cave to the US-Canada border. You may get a map of this trail at the Colville National Forest or head to the Sullivan Lake Ranger District of the Colville National Forest.

To get here with the route going east, head off to Northport on SR 25 and the Columbia River right near the Canadian border. Proceed north following the river on the Boundary Highway just before the border curves eastward on the Deep Lake-Boundary Road. Just 1.6 miles at the point the where the road swerves south, make a left turn to an eastern route following the Cedar Creek Road which then marks the trail start. Alternately if you go west, take SR 31 to Metaline and off to the northern section of the town. Take a left turn on a northwestern route onto the Boundary Road which heads off to Crawford State Park / Gardner Cave. The road swerves right into the park as you drive ahead onto road 6270.

The rest stop on this tour is at the Crawford State Park’s Gardner Cave where there is also a hike to the international border. The park has some tables and a toilet area for a quick break on this trip. Starting the trail at the Cedar Creek Road also referred to as the county road 4751 or forest road 6270, the road starts on a gravel surface with splendid sceneries of the ranges and meadows. The trail then enters into the national forest after 5 miles and switches onto a one-lane forest road.

It then makes an ascent onto Hooknose Ridge as the traverse turns back on a two-track road passing through a drop-off and a canyon on the left with a cliff on the right section. You will then enter a forest as if you are passing through a greenwood tunnel. After the ridge the trail passes a roadside mining area where it then leads to a gradual descent. From the Deep Lake-Boundary Road the trail takes another 16.3 miles where you will reach the Crawford State Park’s entrance at your left. The road takes a paved surface onto the SR 31 nearby the town of Metaline Falls.

Source by Shannon Rae Treasure

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