The Rise In Popularity of The One-Piece Jumpsuit

The Rise In Popularity of The One-Piece Jumpsuit

At first glance, one-piece jumpsuits look like a children’s costume. Remember those animal get-ups for kids? That is how it looks like.

But look again and you will find a fashion statement in them somehow. In fact, this type of clothing is now very popular all over the world, including among men from Australia and the United Kingdom. One Direction members, Olympiad Tom Daley and Robbie Williams have all been seen in public wearing it. Even Hollywood superstars Brad Pitt and Rihanna have been spotted in one.

A one-piece jumpsuit is technically any piece of clothing that is loose-fitting and covers the torso and the legs. For the lack of anything better to compare it with, think of a romper for grown men. And if it looks like giant baby pajamas, it is because this type of garment started out in the 1950s as t-shirts for babies that you can fasten at the crotch. More than six decades later, it evolved into a fashion craze with several exciting colors, such as red, light green, dark green, grey, blue, black and pink. It is also available in combination of two or more colors.

It is difficult not to notice a one-piece jumpsuit. It is warm and comfortable. And if you decide to get on the bandwagon, you can be sure to find something for you as it comes in every size possible and every design imaginable, owing to its popularity. You could get one in animal prints, in plain colors or just about anything in between.

This clothing used to be kept indoors. Perfect for cold winters drinking beer and watching TV. But then people started wearing them outdoors. You have to admit that wearing one feels so comfortable and you have freedom of movement that you can only get from being naked.

Soon, the Brits were wearing them everywhere. On the streets, at work or while in bars.

The Daily Mail in the UK reports that one man was buried in a one-piece jumpsuit while a couple got married wearing it.

It has become so popular that the Daily Mail has called it a fashion phenomenon and also tried to decipher why a lot of people are wearing one. It dabbled into a little psychology and eventually postulated that people have become infantile.

Its ride to the top of every fashionista’s list has not been smooth, however. Some are known to have been snickered at while in a one-piece jumpsuit. For instance, Harry Wallop talks about wearing it outside of the house and feeling a burning sense of embarrassment about it.

Nevertheless, it is very comfortable and very chic. What’s more, you really do not have to go out in a one-piece jumpsuit with an animal print complete with tails (yes, that design is available).

And lastly, this type of clothing is not for men exclusively. In fact, despite criticisms of being unsexy or boxy, women love these too. Nevertheless, it is the men’s one-piece jumpsuit that is hogging the spotlight nowadays.

Source by Michael Gabriel L. Sumastre

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