Choosing the Best Self Tanning Method For Fair Skin

Choosing the Best Self Tanning Method For Fair Skin

In the past there was only one method for getting a tan. It you wanted a smooth and even tan, you used baby lotion and spent hours laying in the sunshine. If you mistakenly fell asleep you often ended up with painful burns. An entire generation of women ended up with increased risk of skin cancer. There is also the dryness of the skin that results from increased exposure to the sun and its ultraviolet rays. The best self tanning is definitely not the aftermath of a sunburn.

Another type of getting the tanned look is to apply a tanning cream or lotion. Unfortunately, the older versions of such creams had disastrous results to the appearance and as a result, to the psyche. There were several problems with tanning creams from the sixties and seventies. They are messy. If you wanted a sun tan look, you should never wear anything important while applying the product because anything on your clothing stayed there as an orange stain.

Applying the old product often left your hands orange as well. Only repeated applications had any hope of giving you a tan that looked anywhere near even. By the time that you managed to get an even coat of tan, it often had such an orange cast that it didn’t look like anything but a coat of heavy makeup in the wrong color for your skin tone.

There is a different type of tanning product available on the market today. It is applied at home with a handy liquid base containing conditioners that give your skin a healthy glow, even without the natural looking tan. The tan is available within a matter of a few hours so that you can apply the liquid, give it time to dry and have a look that says “I’ve spent my afternoon by the pool.”

The natural method of self tanning found in Idol Tan eliminates the danger of skin cancer because there’s no need to spend hours in the sun. You also avoid the orange, fake tan look found in inferior tanning products. Get the glowing natural look that lasts for a full week. Keep your great looking year round tan.

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