Unique Holiday Gifts For Coworkers

Unique Holiday Gifts For Coworkers

We encounter various kinds of unique personalities in our office. Some of our coworkers are highly professional, some are aggressive, whereas some are cool, some of them are more inclined towards beauty and arts, while some of our coworkers are more inclined towards fashion. So, we need to keep in mind these unique traits while choosing gifts for every individual.

This holiday season, let’s be a little bit creative and try to come up with ideas for some Unique Holiday Gifts for coworkers and friends.

Regular gifts like books, music CD’s, laptop accessories etc. are fine for normal occasions, they can be presented to everyone, But Unique Holiday Gifts for coworkers are those which include something special and are aimed at each individual separately. i.e, the gift is in line with the personality of the individual who is receiving the gift.

Below, I present a small list of such Unique Holiday Gifts for coworkers

1) For the Thorough Professional: – You can gift him / her a Business Card holder

This is among the most thoughtful and Unique Holiday Gifts for coworkers, executives and friends alike. A good business card holder always adds an extra touch to the professional image of the executive. So, such a gift would also add immense value to your relationship with your friend

A stylish business card holder is bound to get noticed and complimented, whenever anyone pulls it out of his / her pocket to take out a business card.

Business Card holders are generally made of leather, or sometimes of metal (with a sleek, satin finish / gold finish), and many times in Durable, elegant polished acrylic.

What’s more, if you want, then you can even have the name of your friend printed (in case of leather) / engraved on the card holder (in case it is of metal). This will further add to the attractiveness of the gift to your friend.

2) For those coworkers who appreciate art and beauty:- You can present to them gifts made of crystal.

Some gifts set the standard of style, beauty and elegance. Gifts made of crystal are one of them. They add to the aesthetic appeal of the worker’s desk. Such an artistic item looks simply superb in any office setting and is sure to get a lot of compliments from everyone.

Furthermore, a crystal is timeless, meaning that it can remain for years and years on your friend’s desk and still retain it’s elegance and beauty. Thus, they are sure to bring a smile on your friend’s face every time they look at it.

So, be sure to include a gift item made of crystal among your list of unique holiday gifts for coworkers

You can choose from crystal globes, paperweights (which come in different shapes), miniaturized statues, crystal glasses etc.

3) For the Fashion Conscious: – There is an immense range of unique holiday gifts for coworkers who are fashion conscious.

Among the best gifts which you can present to them are the latest perfumes.

For both men and women, you can choose from a wide range of perfumes. You can take your pick from some of established brands like DKNY, Dolce & Gabbana, Polo, Ralph Lauren, Givenchy etc.

The main thing while gifting perfumes is to make sure that the receiver would like the fragrance. This is quite easy to find out. During any informal discussions with your friend, you can just casually ask him which brand of perfume is a good one, and you can make a mental note of it. When later on, you present the same brand to him / her as a gift, then it is bound to be highly appreciated by your friend.

So, with a little observation, you can present highly unique and personalized gift to your coworkers and friends and be remembered for it for a long time.

I would be continuing with my list of unique holiday gifts for coworkers in the subsequent articles, where we would be selecting more gifts for different personality types.

Till then,… Happy Shopping…

I hope you found the above small selection of unique holiday gifts for coworkers to be interesting for yourself and enjoyable for your friends. As always, comments are Welcome and Encouraged.

Source by Rocky K. Kumar

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