Carp Barrows – Make Life Easier For Yourself

Carp Barrows – Make Life Easier For Yourself

If you are the kind of angler that likes to take the kitchen sink when you go fishing or you like to stay mobile on your session then no doubt you own a carp barrow. Long gone are the days when you piled your gear on an old shopping trolley frame or a wheel barrow and cursed as the whole lot tipped over en route to your swim.

Companies such as Prestige, Nash, Trakker and Fox saw a gap in the market and developed a range of specialised carp barrows designed specifically for transporting fishing tackle that effortlessly transport your mountain of gear from the car to your desired swim, and they even collapsed down flat to fit in the boot.

There are now lots of manufacturers with their own versions of the original carp porter for the angler to choose from but most of the designs are fairly similar and work on the same principle so my advice would be go for a solid looking build constructed from steel with a painted coating as some of the cheaper versions will no doubt flex or snap under pressure and may rust easily. A wide single front wheel with a decent tread also helps manoeuvring through thick mud and rough terrain.

Many accessories are now available for carp barrows including waterproof covers, under barrow storage bags, securing straps, water containers, specialist barrow bags and even electric motors, all useful additions which can make the transportation of your gear to the swim even easier.

The trick to loading a carp barrow is to get the heaviest items over the front wheel and not the handle end as this will balance the barrow and provide an effortless push. I tend to put the bedchair on first with the legs standing up then my heavy barrow bag goes on top as far forward as possible. Lighter items such as the unhooking mat, food bag and sleeping bag etc. can go behind the bedchair nearer to the handle end, the rods and net are then balanced on top and secured with a couple of bungee straps. This arrangement seems to provide a nice balance and an almost weightless push.

If you are tight on boot space you may want to consider a barrow with a detachable front wheel this will give you a lot more central space when packing your gear into the boot and versions with removable handles will also save space when packing away.

So if you are still panting your way around the lake with a rucksack and rod holdall strapped to your back take my advice and make life easy for yourself and get a carp barrow, you won’t know how you’ve fished without one!

Source by Nick Gent

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