How to Spot a Counterfeit Watch

How to Spot a Counterfeit Watch

Whenever you are planning to buy a branded watch, you should make sure that it is a genuine product. It is very important to identify fake watches and to find the ways by which you can be protected from such fraudulent deals. There are a number of counterfeited watch companies that are manufacturing such watches so ingeniously that nobody can easily recognise that it is a fake.

Counterfeiters are producing imitations of all famous luxury watch brands that are sold worldwide. You can’t get an authentic warranty by getting certificates with same serial numbers in an accurately professional manner. It is very easy to copy boxes, bags, kits, and instruction manuals in an ingenuous manner so that nobody can believe it is a fake product. Rolex is one of the brands suffering at the hands of counterfeiters.

Before buying a genuine watch, you should check whether the materials are genuine, and that the watch comes with a sapphire crystal face and back, without any scratches. The materials used in the manufacturing of the watches will tell you the reality.

If a watch is manufactured with stainless steel or titanium, it will weigh more, while the counterfeit watches are manufactured using aluminum, which is light in weight. You can also estimate the quality of a genuine branded watch by its functioning. If it has a quartz mechanism, it will be a genuine watch.

If you have any doubts while buying a watch that it might be a counterfeit, you shouldn’t buy it, as you will regret it afterward for paying so much. If you want to purchase a Rolex watch, you should know how to spot a fake. You shouldn’t waste your money on counterfeit pieces of jewellery either. According to a Swiss Customer Service survey, approximately 30-40 million counterfeit watches are manufactured per year, so you should be aware of all unscrupulous sellers that are selling fake Rolex watches.

It is estimated that almost 40% of counterfeit watches are manufactured in China, as Chinese manufacturers are using tricks such as presenting the counterfeit watch with a picture of the genuine prestigious watch brand on the boxes. You will also find that the counterfeit version of any latest brand watch reaches the marketplace before the genuine branded version.

There are two kinds of counterfeit watch. The first kind of counterfeited watch are presented with low prices, and have low quality, functionality and design. The second kind of counterfeit watch resembles completely the genuine designer watch, with high price tags. They are manufactured with relatively good quality and materials. Counterfeit Rolex watches are unlawfully sold in the marketplace to gain as much attraction as the original one. This is endemic in Asian countries such as India, Taiwan, China and Korea. These are real counterfeits of European designer watches, as they manufacture replicas of designer watches.

If you buy a Rolex watch, you should check its transparent back case, which has unique features along with a genuine logo design. The weight of the genuine branded Rolex is comparatively heavier than other counterfeit watches. Therefore, you should check and mark the differences between genuine and counterfeit watches before buying them.

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