Information Regarding Freshwater Pearls

Information Regarding Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater pearls are the kind of pearls that grow in non-salty environment in freshwater mussels. They are mostly produced by saltwater mollusks, but freshwater mussels living in ponds, lakes and rivers can also produce pearls.

They are not as round as saltwater pearls are and also not as shiny as akoya pearls are. But still they appear in wide range of shapes and natural colors.

Whenever people think about the pearl colors they usually picture white, off-white or cream colors but these pearls also come in other colors like brown, yellow etc.

The various factors that contribute to the color of the pearls are given below:

• Color of the nacre secreted by an oyster or mollusk is the most influential of all the factors.
• The depth at which a shellfish is grown.
• Weather.
• Color and location of nucleus implantation in the shellfish.
• Mineral and trace element level in water.
• Type and quantity of plankton in the production area.

In addition to the above mentioned factors which naturally contribute to the color change of pearl, artificial techniques like dying or bleaching are also used to make them available in different colors.

China is the largest producer of the pearls. The pearls are produced in all the provinces surrounding Shanghai mainly including: Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangsu, Hubei, Hunan and Jianxi. The second leading producer is the United States of America.

Also these kinds of pearls are less expensive which makes them very popular among people who are fond of pearls.

They are also solid in nature and therefore they are very durable as they can easily resist chipping and degeneration.

The value and quality of the pearls depend on it surface. If the surface of the pearl has less number of blemishes, the higher will be the quality and the price of the pearl. Pearl size ranges from 1mm to 20mm with the average size between 6.5mm to 7.0mm.

Pearls are used to make any kind of jewelry mostly including necklaces, bracelets, rings and ear rings. Women who are fond of pearls can wear matching pearls available in either ear rings, rings, bracelets or necklaces with their clothes of matching colors.

Pearls make a great gift, especially black pearl rings. So you can give the precious gift of freshwater pearls to the person you love the most as it is less expensive but equally stylish and elegant when compared to all the other pearls.

Source by Muneeza Shahid

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