Diver Watches

Diver Watches

If you like original styled accessory pieces then you’ll like the different types of diver watches that are available today. You can purchase watches that are actually designed for diving purposes or look-alike watches that simply resemble the actual diver’s style. Most of the authentic watches designed for diving purposes also are very elegantly styled for evening wear as well.

You can find these watches in styles by top name designers such as Rolex and Omega. A watch for diving such as the Accutron, is water resistant to a level of 200 meters. The watch is manufactured by Bulova and was the first fully functional electronic watch ever made. The IWC Aquatimer watch is designed to be water resistant up to 2000 meters. This type of watch would be a good choice for any professional diver to wear.

The watches available for use with diving also come with various chronograph features. You can find watches that also have a date and day display just as some standard watches do. The watches designed for diving also come in styles designed for a man or a woman. The prices of the authentic watches used for diving vary depending on the brand name and the features it has available.

If you like the look of designer diver watches, but don’t want to pay the high price, you can purchase look-alike watches. These watches are designed to look the same as an authentic watch for diving, but cannot withstand the water depth pressure like the authentic ones can.

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