Exploring the Green Spaces of Geneva

Exploring the Green Spaces of Geneva

Geneva is a city that is an international hub for business, learning, media, art and culture, and can provide you with plenty to do and after you land at Geneva airport. Taxi drivers will be ready and waiting to take you into the heart of the city where you can drop your bags at your hotel before heading out to explore. Though many consider this to be a city of indoor pursuits, in actuality it has several green spaces that provide excellent places to spend a bit of time soaking up the sun. While here, find the time to visit Parc des Bastions, the English Garden, Parc La Grange, and the Perle-du-Lac.

Parc des Bastions – In the home of what was once the botanical gardens lies Parc des Bastions. When you arrive at Geneva airport, taxi drivers will be waiting to take you into the city and will gladly take you via this stunning park. The tree-lined park is home to the city’s first university, and is a popular place for students, locals, and visitors alike. The life-size chess boards at the north side of the park provide visitors with an interesting way to test their prowess by challenging some of the local masters.

The English Garden – Before you return to the Geneva airport, taxi routes can be tailored to take you along the Quai Gustave-Ador to see the English Garden one last time before you head away. The park was created in 1854 and was embellished and enlarged over time. It sits near the Jet d’Eau water fountain, and is home to the famous ‘flower clock’, which shows the city’s commitment to integrating nature and modernity.

Parc La Grange – Created in 1945-46, the Parc La Grange is a stunning green space known for its roses, and has the equivalent of one rose bush planted for every square metre. As the city’s largest park, with over 1,200 square metres of land along the lake, it is a beautiful and fragrant place to while away a bit of time. Parc La Grange is perfect for visiting straight after landing at the Geneva airport. Taxi drivers will happily take you to the main entrance and point you in the direction of the rose garden or the Verdure Theatre, which hosts free concerts every Wednesday and Friday during the summer.

The Perle-du-Lac – One of the parks that you must see before you return to the Geneva airport, taxi drivers will be glad to take you here from your hotel. The ‘Pearl of the Lake’ is a park that is situated in an area that has been a prized piece of land since the ancient days, as has been indicated by the remains of richly ornate Roman baths found there. With many species of flowers and plants that enrich your view of Mont Blanc and the lake, the Perle-du-Lac park is a perfect place to go when you need a break from visiting the History of Science Museum, located within.

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