Local Florist – 3 Tips To Choosing Great Florists

Local Florist – 3 Tips To Choosing Great Florists

Local florists continue to be a popular way to purchase flowers and bouquets for special occasions. But the Internet has also opened up a new door of opportunity to search and select the desired floral arrangement or bouquet online and then order and have it delivered any where in the world.

Let’s look at some tips to find the best florist to meet your needs.

1. Recommendations

Word of mouth has always been a popular way that people find out a good florist in their local area. Often when friends or family members either send or receive flowers or gift baskets from a florist they will tell others what they thought of the florist’s service. So this is something to keep in mind when first considering selecting the best flower shop for you.

Have you had anyone you know who sent or received any bunches of flowers lately? How about anyone who has been married recently? Brides always place a great deal of importance on their bouquets for their special wedding day. The bouquets for the brides’ maids or the boutonnieres or corsages for the groom and groomsmen are also extremely important. So if you know of anyone who recently had their marriage ceremony then they are sure to be a great source of information on the florist that they used.

We recently had some close friends who got married in Queensland, Australia and they used the services of a local Gold Coast florist for all of the flowers for the whole bridal party. They also purchased matching flowers to decorate the church and corsages for the parents of the bride and groom.

2. Speed of Service

When you first contact a florist to ask about making an order then the speed with which they reply to you is a good sign of the kind of service that you will receive. It is important to choose a service the responds in a timely manner. If this is lacking then other aspects of their services may also not be up to par.

3. Professionalism of Service

It is always important also to keep in mind that you want to work with a florist that is professional in all of the services that they offer.

How prompt are they in responding to your inquiries?

Are they willing to spend time talking with you to discuss your own particular needs and desires in regards to your flower purchase?

Are they happy to show you examples of their previous work? This is especially important online, but also in a physical local store.

Do they have Testimonies of previous happy customers and clients that they are happy to share with you?

Each of these 3 factors above is important starting points to keep in mind when searching for a florist both locally or on the Net.

Source by Helena Porter

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