Why Do Lazy People Constantly Complain That They Never Reach Their Targets?

Why Do Lazy People Constantly Complain That They Never Reach Their Targets?

You really don’t strike me as a lazy person, but a recent event brought to mind some interesting things.

Take a moment to look around you. There’s literally millions and millions of people out there wanting to “do

this” and “do that”, but at the end of the day what is it they actually accomplished? Unfortunately, for about

98% of them it wasn’t much. Why is it that the vast majority of people who start a home based business fail?

And fail miserably.

There are 2 primary reasons this takes place! are flat out lazy. Yes, they have schedules, business cards, more fliers and brochures than the President of the United States has staff, but they still can’t seem to get anything done. They have all these turbo charged, hands off marketing goodies, but at the end of the day, NOTHING productive was accomplished. WHY?

Look at some of the most famous marketers of our time:

Dan Kennedy, Joe Sugarman, Mark Yarnell, Robert Kiyosaki, Yanik Silver, Mark Joyner, Dexter Yeager, Randy Gage. ETC…This list could go on for quite some time. The important thing here is that these marketers had a vision…a game plan and they followed through with it. Yes, there were days they didn’t feel good or days they just didn’t feel like doing anything productive – They Still Got It Done.

With the proper attitude and a strong enough reason (meaning your”Why”), you too can Get It Done. There’s absolutely nothing holding you back from the success you desire. It takes a ‘plan of attack’, an “I can do anything” attitude, a reason (a “why”) and an internal drive that NEVER gives up.

2. Many people honestly don’t know what to do. Or even how to do it. A lot of people have some sort of “business plan” or plan of attack, but they just don’t know what those steps consist of. Are you struggling with recruiting people into your business, building your downline, selling your next investment property? Don’t feel bad. A lot of people are in your exact shoes. They’re honestly not sure what to do and how to make it happen. All the tools and widgets they’ve purchased over the years haven’t done a thing.?If you’re falling into this category – there’s a few things that must be done as quickly as you can:

1. Define who your target audience happens to be (ie; middle aged woman, construction workers, people suffering from diabetes, Cancer sufferers, people who just want to get rich, current home business owners, etc). Networkers, Internet Marketers, newbies.

Target exactly who you think is your ideal target market.

2. Outline the benefits’ of your products and services. In other words, if I were a customer of yours, what can I expect as a result of consuming your product for a few months? Write out a list of product benefits that’s at least 10-15 items deep. Does it help me live longer, make my skin softer, make me sell more widgets in less time…what does it do for me? This phase is important because it must be mastered prior to using some of the advanced techniques I’ll share with you in upcoming memos. Create value, this one is missed so much (Creating Value)

3. Growing a business and creating a 5 figure monthly income (or more) for you takes work. And a lot of it, It takes a vision, and laser FOCUS!Most importantly, it takes a passion for helping others and seeing a change in others as a result of something that you shared with them. That’s what drives most successful people. It all boils down to changing lives. How many lives are you going to change this week? this month?

Always remember:

Success is a journey – not a destination.

Success is not defined by the depth of your wallet. It has absolutely nothing to do with that. It has to do with one simple thing…

“How many lives have you positively impacted?”

Everything else will come into play if you’re allowing that one single item to be your driving force. The new house, the nice cars, that new Rolex you’ve been drooling over..All of it. But it takes work. Be consistent. Stay driven. Most importantly – never stop helping others achieve what they’re looking for. That’s it. By doing this and focusing on taking things one step at a time you will make it happen.

To your success…

Source by Mike Hagen

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